Monday, July 30, 2012

You Almost Don't Even Really Lose

you think At some point 

I’ll get over this.
I’ll start winning.
And then.
From that point on.

I think he averages maybe 

Three hundred a week.
Or something.
You know.

I mean in my mind 

I’ll have a better sense
Of that once, uh.
I mean I think.
I mean at least.
I think it’s pretty significant
In terms of.

when you consider

The free food
And the free bus ride,
You almost don’t even really lose.

Breaking even 

That’s pretty good.
You know.
Not bad.
Better than losing.

They Kind of Did

And uh 

So uh.

Yeah uh 



I tell you.



I guess 


It’s that 

Kind of
What if.


They kind of did.

And you and I 

And yes
And her.

He uh 


Not until


So yes

But no.

So uh

So uh.

But then you

Oh okay.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Junta Urged to Urinate

have you heard the latest? 

Which I don’t even know the latest?

Heightened state of alert 

From the Crimea to the Ozarks.

Junta urged to urinate 

Shouldn’t hold it in, experts warn.

Bookbinder arrested  

He loved her too much.

There’s like no watermelon 

And I don’t understand why.


the top maybe


No, but no

It’s like.

Push the


I don’t care 


Her briefings consist of

Like 30 seconds of
Hey this is happening.

She may end up in L.A. 

Who knows?

That’s kind of what 

Sid said.

I’m like just show me a sign 

Show me anything.

that’s what i thought 

I’m actually.

You know it’s funny  

This whole thing about.

I mean to me

A salad is a salad.


How Suck

ruin it? 

Ruin what?

Until something better comes along? 

Nothing better’s going to come along.


What tradition?

When I die 

The county will issue a death certificate.

How suck 

You are Croatian.

That’s why I said 

We should have got a
Fuckin’ 18-pack

You're Here Early

it’s chill in Kuwait 

My guys tell me.

I totally live 

Five minutes away.

I was stationed near there 

Well, not near there.

Every time they  

Well not everytime.

I guess like two years ago 

Three years ago.

You’re here early

 Actually I’m late.

Continuity of Operations

Full white moon 

Horny toad’s belly.


Praying at the mini-temple.


In mothballs.


Embroidered across the seat
Of the shortest shorts
On the fattest ass
You have ever seen.

boat not in water 

Bad thing.

Man down 

“I saw my dagger in my dead husband’s chest.” 
                     (English subtitle from Rashomon.) 

continuity of operations 

The last human being on earth dies
As the next Keno game begins.

Center for the Preservation of Life as we know it 

This location
Has moved.

Two (from the Times) Plus One

If you think about Amy Winehouse 

She had really close set eyes.

I guess what I’m saying is 

You got my message, right?

the trick is to be authentic 

That’s the hardest part.

Peery  Utt 

End of conversation.