Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Poet Reclining

(after Chagall)


I started as a mini-series 

For I am every topic.

I remember growing up as a kid 

My family was always trending.


What are you known for? 

What do you do that’s good?

there was A little frostaroonie  

On the old pumpkincito
Last nightareenie.

As dumb as that might sound 

That’s really all I’ve got.

It’s like very British 

Like it’s not like
Laughing out loud.

It resonates on a million levels 

With me, at least. 

My chick goes to law school in Malibu

So I don’t ever see her.

And I’m grinding 

Thursdays and Fridays.

so That’s what I do

And I go to Hollywood sometimes.

If people don’t dig it

I can’t stop them.


What does your boyfriend do?