Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spring Street


What kind of tricks?

Seeburg 100 Wall-o-matic

Play means stop and stop means play.

Tying my shoe

At the courthouse.

tree-fallen fruit

Redeemed in pudding bread
And cookies.


Cuttin’ up.
Havin’ a good time.


No war.



It’s all unbelievable

You just have to sit back
And go “Omigod.”

Spring Street

Totally one way.


Quarter to six.



Moo Cows and Blue Cows

the cyborg nurse took two readings

 Because he’s “only human.”   

Venezuelan prison rioting

He’s worried about his brother.

He licked the needle

And stuck it into my arm
Like he was inflating a football.

I guess from what he was told


so now they’ve got me on

Puts the me I want to be back in charge.

And it’s a different animal

It’s not chickens.

i’ve done this Treatment shit more than once

As have 90 percent of you. 

So what that means is

They couldn’t put their finger on it,
Right there at the beginning.

At that time

Which now was
A few years ago.

it snowballs

Once it starts.

Is it come on in the water’s fine?

What is it?

You know what I mean

It’s like
Don’t do that to me.
It’s insane.


I’m perfectly.

I’m through having to prove shit

I’ve done my provin’.
I’m into groovin’.

but I’m wondering if I didn’t

Over-take my medicine last night.

Brown cows and red cows

Moo cows and blue cows.

Watching the International space station fly over

Hi International Space Station.

that’s quite a place

To be in now.

Out of the corner of your eye

The doorknob is staring at you.

I don’t know how to turn it off

So I just keep it on pause.

I mean I do

But not really.

When you say intervention

O.K.  The other day.

All right.  I hear you.  Fuck.

(Talking to the dryer.)




Mom says.

Don’t make me throw this rock.

About that time

Here comes the Highway Patrol.

Is that what happened?


For my first violation

They tacked on a year.


There must be some mix up

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth:
I came not to send peace, but a sword.

The shooting

The suspect was struck
And was fell to the ground.

There goes your life

There goes the next 40 years of your life.

Right there.

Human activity

Fuck us.

Moving away from the figure

And if my worldview changes at brunch?

Do me a favor

Actually don’t
Do me a favor.