Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Eentenz Piss

It’ll be four and a half minutes 

If you’ve got that kind of time.

Detail has been pushed to the edges 

One sun rises in the North.

It totally 

Upends thinking.

A perfect trip 

(Quoting musically.)

There’s a message 

I won’t say there’s not a message.
There’s a message.

eet ees an 

Eentenz piss.

The layman will be like 

Oh, it’s an iris.


Uhah ha hihhihhih hi 

Hiee hiee.

Hold on 

Give me one second here, ok?
Just one second.

Even The Chicken Was Tough

From deepest, darkest  

& Suites.

just outside sacramento 

This won’t take long.

Over there 

It’s a different time zone.

I figured even if I went back 

Nobody would.

What do I want more of 

That I never had much of
Before and got along fine?

I ran it past 

My regional leader.

young kid 


He went nuts 

Last time we.

There’s something wrong 

There’s nothing wrong.

he’s deaf 

He can’t hear a thing.

Yes it is 

Don’t ask me why.

You name it 

Even the chicken was tough.

Chu Chu Chu 

Right past him.

so There’s another one 

White lady.
Older lady.

Yeah because the other day  

I noticed that my e-mail.

If I had a roll of quarters 

For every stakeholder.

I tried to call her 

She’s not answering.

You know when something’s right 

Because the timing couldn’t be worse.


There’s another interesting thing.


Is its own thing.
All bullshitting aside.

The thing about her is 

She’s got two kids.

That’s the one thing 


she’s into some kind of 

Special thing.

Well if she’ll give you whatever 

Go for that.

I had to run around  

And get like a thousand signatures.

I get back to work 

And I.

And she goes 


i'm like What’s your problem bitch? 

I called him because you didn’t answer.

They burned the witches 

They burned them alive.

So she 



I’ll text you later about that.
That’s what I’m going to text you about.

i don’t care 

I mean I do.
But, you know.



About what?

Well the pants anyway 

Los jeans.

I wich 

To fliy
And have wyings!

all kinds of things 

A beer garden.


What about that for a title?

Potting soil 

Two cubic feet.

Charioteer elites of metropolis 

Driving like Hittites.

Random gunfire in the crowd 

Then back to the cockfights.

turkey vultures 

Black and red ornaments on trees.
Thinking about making a video.

It was another pair of eyelashes 

Not another calendar
That I actually saw.


Good fat.
Good color.

Which is interesting 

Said the rodeo bull, tugging at his flank strap.

Floating world LLC 

Hometown Buffet Ukiyo-e.

Anything 8 Motel 

As I watched the whore walk out the door
It occured to me:  I want to give back to the community.

Donas y café 

How’s your Mandarin?

international house of Invisible Pancakes 

It all looks so real.

Your wife is an artist 

So’s yours.

The flower man 

Sends you love.
All right?

He’s doing good 

He bought a trailer in Texas.

A value placed on time 

I’m not flying all that way
For just a four-day thing.

The mystery spot 

It’s basically a strange place.


Bolano and Maugham and bottles and cans.
Sisquoc labels and Negra Modelos.
And 2666 and The Painted Veil.

Yucatecos love 

Bob’s Big Boy.

¡Buen credito, mal credito! 

Nosotros le ayudamos.

daddy are you going to drive away? 

You said you were going to drive away.

cats’ claws  

Or something like that.

Thaw and serve 

“Naturally rising crust.”

Jejune acrobats 

Child exchange at the McDonald’s by the freeway.

The Victory ranch property 

Gravel truck flipped.

For real though 

That’s what’s so nice.

Gasoline Cigarettes Suds 




You’re probably not too far 

From a Wal-Mart store,
Which means
You’ve got a friend
When you need one most.

And they’re only $12 


The broccoli 

I steam it.

No bueno 

Not good for you, man.

Troops from Burkina Faso 

Are in Timbuktu.

The light be on 

But the machine be off.

It’s crazy man 

There’s so much shit
Going down right now.

I love meat blood 

I love fat.

Now we can live where we love 

And still stay connected.

The virtual study 

The French doors are a nice touch.

That happens to me 

Whenever I go like hiking
In high elevations.

And with me I usually 

Have all my Halloween stuff
Up before Labor Day.

It’s not invalid 

There’s nothing invalid about it.

Writing to the zeitgeist 

When it gets to a certain point.
The dentist’s office smells like raw carrots.
My retina specialist is on food stamps.
Kind of see a red flag.

he got the car detailed 

Before he drove it off the cliff.

Thursday, late spring 

It rained muddy yards.

Ice tea ice tea 

Two ice teas.

Pretty animal 

Beautiful animal.

The other 

That red
Is yellow.

Like what kind of 



It is not such thing 

A prince in a white horse
To resuce a princess
That’s ravish!!
I’m cry, too.

I'd Do It For You

Well Ben 

Ben said---
But it’s not like hey.

I don’t want to move that far 

That’s a long way to go, Paige.

Eric, Joe, Dave and Denise 

I saw what life does.

Amy and Sylvia steal a car in San Jose 

Host families needed.


The last guy to hit .400 in my book.

Oh oh Dulce  

How is she?

They turned to us 

And you know Paul and I were.

Zulma says 

Libni will.

Randy Stark 

Vocero del mundo.

Lady Bug 

Her ex-husband showed up,
Which took the heat off me.


Is that Lulu?

have you seen joyce lately? 

She’s minute.

Giorgio playing the lute 

Shoot it’s gonna be nine o’clock before we eat.

And then we went 

Someplace J’meyah picked.

Oh do it pretty 


Let’s go upstairs  

And see Ginger and Chloe.

Is Travis’ number still the same? 



She’s getting ideas.

Zoe and Ying’s Pan-fried pork buns 

No. 1 in Shanghai.

My little boy 

He loves Eva.

I’d do it for you 

And Hans.


I get Kenny once in awhile.
I correct people.

It’s like my wife’s name is Jennifer 

She’s no Jenny.

Cal in the café car 

The café car has reopened.
Come on down.

I remember 

I called Bruce.
I was like.

Ok now 

Where’s Angie?
Is she at the house?

Oh connie’s there? 


A little like 

Shin’s dog Alu.

Like I told Jasmine 


Like Woooo

“People want to be around your upbeat energy.” 

“I simply refuse to be constrained by genre.”

don’t Pigeonhole me 

As an introspective lyricist.

My hologram proxies in the Frolic Room 

Won’t take his meds.
Doesn’t like them.

I drink Wild Turkey 

And I fight crime.

Yeah I put on a big show 

I want that thang.

or as i am known 

On Krypton.

That’s what I said this morning 

I said.

Got a feeling 

Stuck in my gut.

it’s sign-up day 

I have to sign up.

Ah hah hah hah hee  

I know.
I’m like.

I’ve got things to do 

And if I don’t do them
Right this second
I’ll forget.

Speak to a chemist 

They’ll tell you.

I feel it pulsating, coursing through my veins 

I’m like woooo.


I'm Listening

I pretty much prefaced it by saying 

No yeah I agree.

And they have this other thing 

Where, uh.

I’ll look at it 

But um yeah.

So uh  

So uh.

Is it the door? 

The thing with the door?
Or what?

I don’t know 

It was.
You know.

And then ok 

I mean.

She’s like so 

Heh  heh  heh.

I was like 

This is awesome
The whole time.

Well I actually  


I got a text from him 


Why if 

Or yeah.

I’m listening 


The uh, the uh 

Near where you.

And I mean it would 

Right right.


Yeah. OK.

And so if 

You know.

You want to give her a special 


Um if you could ok 

Call me and
Let me know.

It’s a 


Not necessarily 

But sort of.

You know 

I don’t know.

It may be a few days from now 

It may be whatever.

Anytime, anywhere 

For little or no reason.
At all.

You too? 

Oh God.



The text I got 

Said La Paz.