Thursday, November 13, 2014

"2+2 at 3 o'clock equals 4" -- L. Wittgenstein

Everybody’s got at least one abecedary in them.  “While it may be an incomplete picture of one thing, it is always a complete picture of something.”  (Wittgenstein again.)  In the spirit of Ludwig’s nonsense, here’s one from me.

Apollo astride the Hollywood sign.
Birds turning over in their sleep.
Come to find out
Don Chuy picking up his
Extra high definition tortillas, but because
Fermions can’t occupy the same space (bosons can) fermions are solids.
Got paid in cash, girlfriend waiting for me. It’s like the
Harlem Renaissance, 1917 – 1935.  Only it’s L.A.
It’s very hot.
Jumping places:  Little Tokyo, Placita, Grand Central Market.
Kiss kiss.
Long sunny dusks.
My head’s all scrambly.
 “Not all crowds are wise.”
Oceans of nonsense rising as the ice caps of foolishness explode.
Push factor.
Que¢ lindas palabras me dices.
Rub on some stress block.
Salmon and whole brown rice recipe for cats.
Trucks at the truck stop nickering and neighing.
Units of yam, unit of yaw, used by
Various stars.
We’re pouring today (white butter).
X-ray of finger, knees, brain, lungs, breasts, colon.
Yeah, well what’s the ROI?
Zigzag, Zeneral, zigzag and Zabriskie Point.