Friday, June 15, 2018

Feeling Some Type of Way

When I was blogging weekly, I would now and again post a round up of what has been influencing me.

Recently, great reading wonderful writing from Sudan, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, China (poetry), great listening to music and musicians from Mali, Senegal, Japan, China (percussion and strings) Mexico, USA (symphonic).

And Jim Andrews is doing some appealing visual work with the poetry of bill bissett.

Plus I love 99cent urban fiction from USA. Here are highlights from a recent novel:

Selections from My Bad Spanish B!tch by Quan Millz 
  • I don’t give a fuck what nobody says. A bitch got real pussy needs that need to be met.
  • I ain’t drove all the way over here for nothing.
  • Cassie was a gorgeous black bitch mixed with Asian. I think Filipino or some shit.
  • I had been fucking with her ass off and on for a hot lil minute. We were in the off phase, and I guess she was in her feelings about me sending her ass to voicemail whenever she called.
  • I’d rather just stay away. Let her miss a nigga then pop back up in her life like ain’t shit happened.
  • I assumed she knew her place as being one of my side snacks, but guess I was wrong given her angry ass was standing in front of me at this very moment.

Well that's it for now. Always looking forward to the weekend...

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