Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Pride Man is a Rope-Released Donkey

Today on the air
All shark is angry.
Hungry like the wolf.
Mother hand tasty.
Mountain not yet the stone.
Don’t drink your car.
Don’t make cucumber.
If an egg to the snake nothing feel
A pride man is a rope-released donkey.

I see three, I see four.
Rainbows galore.
Everyone is sending it!
I am so amazed of this!
I am more of imagination.
I am a donut.
I am an autumn eggplant, somebody to a bride.
I am a gamer engulfed with craze.

After you’ve thought of everything
A fine collection will still bewilder
And require the yearly advancement of not under six donkeys
As only a little part at the establishment of each sequence.
In the occasion that moved nearer to purchase such things don't vacillate
To the point that one can go through a ring that fits on a people finger.
And if you ever happen by?
And in case you find me not there?
I’ll leave a key.

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Negras like they’re in line for Santa.
Couple of handles.
Candles burning.

Farm town before it became a prison town.
Latino; before that, Japanese.
Mountains rutilant, serrated, altitude impoverished.

Went home to be with the Lord.
But the place was boarded up.
Stents, three of them, consolation prize.

Empty dawns, cisterns, promises.
Hide original message
Dog’s name is Echo.

But if you call she just runs away.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Somebody's Hijab Blew Off


I remember thinking rom-com?
I asked him I said
I’m a huge rom-com guy.
Is it a rom-com or what is it?

The hardest partner rushes in.
This old heart of mine
He sputters to the boss
Matches your toenails.

They say his shit still dope A F.
Shooting the pier of othering.
We normally just watch it on our computers for free.
I know some people go to the bar.

I decided to turn everything on its head in a major way.
I opened the floodgates of intersubjectivity.
Somebody’s hijab blew off.
How rad is that, right?

What we’re looking at is a floor.
Which is a pretty high floor.
I go what keeps you up at night?
He’s all stubborn stains.

The only thing I can figure is
(Yeah another round.)
Put it back on if you’re going to rock that shit.

The only thing I can figure is
He tried and shouldn’t have
The river toad burger
With sweet potato fries.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Sofia Gubaidulina
Julia Meltzer
Maria Luisa Landin
Julio Jaramillo
Kate Moore
Sona Jobarteh
Fatoumata Diawara
Toumani Diabate
Count Basie
Kaija Saariaho
Unsuk Chin
Olga Neuwirth
Mal Waldron
Mos Def
Guy Davenport
Flann O’Brien
Teddy Edwards  
Therese Bachand
Karen Barad
Michel de Certeau
Jules Verne
Elizabeth Grosz
Pierre Bourdieu
Audre Lorde
Peggy Jones
Uche Ogbuji
Kira Malko
Anelise Chen
Don Cherry
Terry Riley
Hubert Laws
Luigi Nono
Jorje Sanchez-Chiong
Galina Ustvolskaya
Gyorgy Kurtag
Aaron Douglas
Anne Carson
Kristin Colhoun
Brenda Coultas
Paula Rego
Kara Walker
Cathy Wilkes
Melinda Wagner
Nada El Shazly
Philip Glass
Dmitry Shostakovich
Laurie Anderson
Tania Leon
Howard Hodgkin
Kathe Kollwitz
Henrik Ibsen
Iceberg Slim
Tongo Eisen-Martin
Augusta Read Thomas
Horace Silver
Eric Dolphy
Lennie Ttristano
George Russell
Joseph Ceravolo
Witter Bynner
Barrett Warner
Khabib Nurmagomedov
Simon Rattle
Johannes Brahms
Luis Bunuel
Giuseppe Di Santis
John Cassavettes
Gena Rowlands
Vittorio Di Sica
Dora Pejačević
Michael Ondaatje
Eva Gavray
Alicia Villareal
Javier Solis
Cannonball Adderley
Booker Little
Johnny Griffin
Julien Priester
Sun Ra
Gabriela Ortiz
Thomas Ades
Julia Wolfe
Washington Irving
Frederic Rzewski
Gaston Bachelard