Saturday, December 4, 2021

I Was Like You Want to Know Something?

She answered I was thinking 
When I asked
Are you OK?
You appeared to be in 
Agony I said and she said
Thinking is agony.
But the wait is finally over.
Even Euclid had to take it in the end.

The call went out and
I was like save some consciousness for me.
They held a guitar to my head.
I knee jerk against stuff like that.
And then I said,
In a really long aside,
Did you do gymnastics
Or anything similar?

Because the future is curved in four different directions.
The second of which
There’s a way we can make it 
Magic for three hands.
But as soon as the price of gravity dips
You thought the market was crazy for discriminating minimalists?
You won’t be able to afford an energy bar
Even if you can find one.

© 2021 Randy Stark
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Friday, December 3, 2021

"While the Drowsy World Dreams On"

The reupholstered chair of the Select Committee for Accurate Symbolism
Was interrupted by next level sequencers
Making major announcements.
My inner straitjacket tells me there are no new symbols
Only new combinations.
Handcuffs around my waist remind me
Middle management is no place for
Command sergeant majors
Out herding cats with
Oak milk on their tongues.

A gaggle of legit luxury brands
Teeming with reward credits and wedding pictures,
Relentless, reinless,
Redeemed by mantras chanted on beads
Streamed along inroads 
Veering into very very land,
Got suckered into bearing honor
Not even gravity is heavy enough to endow.
The less attached the more
You are likely to swing.

Flirting with a barista in Buenos Aires.
Taking on the person of a character in a fantasy world,
I’ve already tagged the culture
Using one of the five best languages to fail in.
As though to say
I live in Active cash,
And my accounts are linked.
So repeat after me:
(In the same breath as Newton’s first law)
Always be refreshing.

© 2021 Randy Stark

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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Boiling an Egg

but mira.
It’s getting to the point where
Why don’t you pick up 
Where you left off 
Two hours ago?
Is there insurance for feelings?
How about a ruptured episteme?

So I told them.
I’ll be honest with you.
I’m flat cut out for it.
I mean I’m committed to the idea
Of the perfect tee
In size you
And an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

But dark eloquent mornings
Fall on the poor and the rich alike,
Artists as their studios sit for them
Waiting for the sun to rise.
And that huge of an assertion,
That strong of a current, 
That south of a swell,

At this moment's exchange rate,
Delivers euphoric effects.
In less time than it takes 
To boil an egg,
As I’m about to illustrate.
They’re like What?
I’m all it’s your journey.

And don’t repeat this but
Soft and runny have never tasted so good!
So point of order.
Before I jet, let’s
Take the guess work out of it,
So as to,
So as not to.

© 2021 Randy Stark
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Friday, November 26, 2021

Aztecs Mindset Ahead of Thursday’s Opener Against Wildcats

We sort of explained it a little bit,
The way coach outsourced the defensive line:
To stay in the game, you have to play the game.
Counterfactual precedes collaboration,
Proving there’s more than one Ouija board
Dancing down a spiral staircase.
We will have our certainty and eat it too!

The handwriting is on the wall,
A beach hazard statement
Contained in the answers to last week’s puzzle,
And makes experimental not-for-sale,
Not-safe-for-work, and non-fungible-token 
Art in the Côte d’Ivoire
Sound like just the thing.

A very very flowing thing
Not umbilically corded to any raison d'être
But making very very special history
And presenting in quite italic coding
Very very much the story.
You know what they say,
Love the treason, hate the traitor.

Big butt, big heart.
So turn your farts into rewards.
Feel free to grab a nug.
Stay connected to everywhere.
There is no late when there is no now.
Absence is not a plaything.
Until it’s not on NatGeo nobody will believe it anyhow.


© 2021 Randy Stark
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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Mini Maxi Macro Micro Multi-Acting All Allosteric In Situ

It's the virus talking.
It’s the traffic roaring.
It’s the ocean roiling.
Everybody has violated the rules
At one time or another.

It’s the cute summer outfits chattering.
Classic car show gabbing.
Crude oil nattering.
It’s the crusaders jawing,
It’s security chewing the fat.

It’s the service animals gossiping.
The techie czar coming clean.
It’s the clothespins lecturing.
It’s the metrics addressing.
Chipped nails signing for a manicure.

It’s the buffoons coding for fury.
It’s the old Lions recruiting,
Tawny manes, underarm and pubic hairs.
It’s the deceased giving the game away.
It’s the pregnant women out on base laying down the law.

It’s proyect managers proyecting.
It’s the neighbors yelling.
Yellow and pink hibiscus affirming.
A scientifically designed strawberry açai pronouncing.
Cinnamon sprinkles proclaiming.

It’s the blood thirsty president
With bloodshot eyes droning.
It’s the developers chirping.
It’s the pope pontificating.
It’s health experts tipping.

It’s the neighbors screaming.
It’s the bare shoulders preaching.
These days everybody walks on the minor stuff.
It’s the pharmacist tripping,
In person and at the point of sale.

It’s the placemats yakking.
It’s the ranch dictating.
It’s the striping contractor declaring.
It’s the tiny house uttering.
It’s the bare midriffs articulating.

It’s the compost authorizing.
It’s the virtual universe asserting.
The voluptuous saying their piece.
The vindictive raising their voices.
Board members belly aching.

It’s the celebrated murmuring.
The renowned mumbling.
The award-winning grousing.
The major figure moaning.
The living legend griping.

It’s the virgins baying.
The conceptualists bellowing.
Minimalists barking.
Songbirds howling.
Coxswains having their say.

It’s the orthodontists mouthing.
The hikers bawling.
The bankers blasting.
The resistance decrying.
Shouting how long has it been now?

© 2021 Randy Stark
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Friday, November 19, 2021

Shop Talk (a continuing series)

"Find the Arrows" by Neil Novello (c)

Last night: Man Ray.

So. Who do I owe everything to today?

Poems by Harryette Mullen and Bernadette Mayer in the mail!
And the various daily/weekly/monthly reviews I receive.
And the search screen of the public library at the ready.
And poetry, two-three-four, newbies from a Philly mag.
My favorite: Sara Mae

There's nothing like:

Six Drawing Lessons, by Wm. Kentridge
Francisco Goya
A Sunday-size crossword puzzle
Carlos Chavez: Violin Concerto, Piano Concerto, Waltzes, Symphony #2, string quartets,
Clara Schumann’s music for piano,
Anton Bruckner’s Symphony #4


Clara:  1819-1896 
Anton: 1824-1896 

Closing out with
a)     Dizzy Gillespie and Oscar Peterson
b)     Stanley Clarke at Griffith Park

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Love Machinations, or, Macadamia in Academia

"Ground Arrows + Hydrant" by Neil D. Novello (c)

An all-terrain love poem.
Plain and simple.
Believe you me.
Leagues are forming.

The first time our fleshes touched
I told her to take it easy.
Where there’s smoke 
There’s another dream date.

She collapsed laughing,
You are a deep dive.
We kissed.
Lips like loose beets.

And this is where,
Analyzing oral discourse,
Oralizing anal discourse,
We tongued and grooved,

Bodies dropped into the pillowy flatbread
Like a bronze dory and a
Bottle of hand crafted small batch spirits,
Floating to the bottom of the sea.

Between the best sheets you’ve ever known.
Package contents.
Mounting options.

© 2021 Randy Stark
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