Friday, February 11, 2011

SF Ballet ++

The meteorologist on t.v. said the weather in San Francisco was "Quite mild and getting even milder."

It was so mild, in fact, that where there would otherwise have been thunderous applause for the virtuosic turns--such as Sofiane Sylve and her partner dancing a sure-fire, blow the roof off pas de deux—and neo-classical bombast in Balanchine's best big-cast ballet---Symphony In C, music by Bizet---the audience seemed instead to be staring at a PowerPoint presentation.

Then I realized the world premiere second piece had been so stunning in dance and staging, and had made such ineluctable emotional demands upon the audience, that we had fallen into silent abandon, enjoying the hell out the Balanchine, but emotionally tapped out, physically helpless, unable to respond.

Upon departing the opera house there was a lot more communal chatter than I remember ever hearing, most of it about the second dance, or a huzzah for the entire afternoon.

Read the program notes hereSan Francisco Ballet - Program 2 - Program 2 Notes, with particular attention to the second piece, the world premiere. Possokhov the choreographer is trying to extend his art, like the choreographers mentioned below from the Bolshoi program.

So you artists out there: be bold!

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