Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maria Schneider

Maria Schneider Orchestra, June 12, 2011

Libbey Bowl, Ojai


Part of the Ojai Music Festival. 11 a.m. concert, Sunday morning, haven't experienced that since Buenos Aires. Maria Schneider, a delightful woman. She is part of the Peter Sellars orbit, and was at the festival to premiere a piece in which he was involved and Dawn Upshaw, the soprano. But I've only been familiar with her jazz work, and I got lucky that since she was out here on classical per diem she'd bring along her orchestra and add some jazz to the mix. I like her music o.k. but sometimes it gets too smooth jazz for me. But I like the idea of Maria Schneider, how she studied with famous big band jazz arrangers, how she writes and records and performs with her own big band, her orchestra, so when she/they swing, it's extra special. Her crowd is old, although I noticed some younger ones in the picnic area. That's the festival part of it.


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