Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Red Shorts Diary

Happy Labor Day Weekend in the USA.  Check out the website and you'll see the re-worked Shaking Up The Whole Game has dropped.  The spirit and place of the book is perfectly captured in the cover (designed by Amber Wallace)  I was on my way, going somewhere, not sure where, frenetic and tumbling, and this book rolled me closer to it.  The dedication from the original was a pleasure to carry over to the e-version, as were the old skool poems featuring friends Neil and Peggy, and Bill and Anna.  This was a transition piece, presaging what was to come.  
There is a double jeopardy in poetry: it is the most “serious” of art forms, many of its practitioners almost supernaturally sensitive and deep (residue from the Romantic period:  all poets are geniuses, all geniuses are tormented, all poets are tormented).  Well, I graduated from the Dick Shawn school of poetry.  I didn’t seek out the form, I happened upon it, and laughed at my own audacity.  I’m still laughing, and still writing--a red shorts minimalist with show business in my blood.

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