Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Little Walter in Eugene" by Andy Clausen

During a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest I came across this poem.  (Info about Andy Clausen and Little Walter.)


1970 I’m a loser back in Eugene
Out of work, listening to Little Walter
“night time is falling
The pain is coming down again
You know people I aint got no friends”
Next door the hippies are playing
Somebody called sweet baby james
We’re almost out of wood, it’s cold
My shit hasn’t been together for weeks
I go drink java in the redneck diner
They think I’m one of them
The bars around town have discovered
Topless dancing
I went into one by accident
I never saw a sadder bunch of redneck
Boys & businessmen in my life
The girls faces didn’t look real
The men guilty as sin
Back at the diner the chain smokers
Are unaware someone put LSD in the water
How can they maintain?
I want to yell it’s okay to freak out!
Instead I walk through the icy street
Back to the room and Little Walter

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"It's The Moment That Gets You In"

I wrote of a review of Clive James' book Poetry Notebook:  Reflections on the Intensity of Language.  I think you can find the review here.