Saturday, June 6, 2015

Breakfast Served All Day

Breakfast Served All Day should drop within the next 72 hours.  It will be featured on Amazon.  Here is the prologue:

This is my last book.  I leave it and the preceding volumes to fend for themselves in the roiling world of e-books, satisfied that I gave my best efforts to “make it new,” to create an entertaining literature comprised of both of personal observations and the overheard vocalized pauses and fillers that accessorize so much of our public discourse.  Any delight taken by readers of these collections is humbly acknowledged.  The pleasure was mine. 

Over the years of writing the books, I came to realize I was not alone on this stylistic island, was not the solitary, blazing, intrepid discoverer I had imagined myself to be.  However, I can honestly say I came to the technique without premeditation or intent to imitate, or compete with, any other writer; in my isolated naiveté, I developed my own approach. 

It is with no false modesty, however, that I acknowledge the limits of my literary abilities and concede they have been reached.  Should anyone have an interest in taking this style and developing it in ways, and taking it to levels, unattainable by me, I give them my complete, enthusiastic, and unconditional support.   

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