Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Joseph Keppler: “Philosophy, history, and art at the present moment seem to me alive with beautiful surprises.”

I thought about what I wanted to express in this post and I could only come up with two words:  gratitude, wonder.  Joseph Keppler has a beautiful new illuminated essay.  I’m enjoying the languorous buzz of summer. I uploaded a new sequence in Summer Session ("But Yeah No Honestly") and the three other projects I’m working on are proceeding unhurriedly. Amazon figures in two of the them—I’m going round and round with the Kindle Publisher on-line previewer, an issue that came out of the blue and is delaying one project (publishing a friend’s novel); and then, learning Kindle’s comic creator is part of the second project (collaborating on publishing a friend’s book of photographs). The final project will outcome with an ebook of the lyrics and  poems written and performed publicly by another friend of mine.  I'm in the research phase, but, without having any real kind of an OK from anyone or even beginning to go through the proper channels, I’m just working at it intermittently right now.  

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