Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Regaining Visual Contact

I’ve pretty much pared my physical book collection (library?) to art titles and tours de force, and one of those tours is the nine stories that comprise The Jules Verne Steam Balloon by Guy Davenport.  (Available for astonishingly cheap thru Amazon.)

As I was updating my website and thinking about new blog topics, and, of course, sex is always topic numero uno, I happily remembered the plenteous sex scenes in the Mr. Davenport’s book, and their joie de vivre descriptions—among a million and one additional virtues contained within the stories—including wit, erudition, and a breezy, accessible style—which I haven’t the ability to do justice to, other than enjoy. For example, a scene of, shall we say, spirited and enthusiastic  coupling climaxes with something to the effect of “and she came like a brass band passing the royal box on Liberation Day.”

Hasta luego.

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