Thursday, September 3, 2015


The quality and quantity of the artistry, all media, on the web and off-web, continues to be thrilling.  Pay no attention to the basura behind the curtain.

Artist Peggy Zask shaming the safe and genteel 100 % mild aesthete:  “I’m not putting up paintings on the wall where you can stand back and go, ‘Oh, that’s so masterful! She really knows how to catch the likeness of that mustang running in the wind.’”

Abishag, Ira, Kezia, the companion blog to the novel Three Wise Cats is back and being updated regularly. If you want to be able to brag you knew about the novel before it became a blockbuster movie, then you better buy it now!

In the Fall 2015 Rattle (#49) Peter Munro’s interview is interesting.  So is his work

Steve Cutts has an exuberant cynicism.

Speaking of regular updates, Melanie Swan has been busy this summer.  If titles like “Popup Dining as Distributed Autonomous Space” entice you to read more, or “Smartgrid Life:  Block Cryptosustainability,” then this blog is for you.

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