Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Randy’s Rules for Writing

1.    As simple as possible, and then simpler.
2.    “In every case the effect must be vivid, instantaneous and unmistakable.”

The first rule has been my goal/guidance for many years. The spirit of the second rule has also been with me for years but I hadn’t the words until I found them in a book, Vaudeville, written in 1914 by Caroline Caffin (with artwork by Marius de Zayas). She is setting the parameters for a successful stage performance, but they are also essential to my art.

Friday, January 5, 2018

A change

After posting new material on my blog every Saturday for nearly 120 consecutive Saturdays, I’ve decided to quit before it becomes a habit. Not quit, really, just scale back. My original idea was that the blog would be a try-out space for my writing, the way a comedian might try out new material in a club, but the concept was seldom realized. Because my ebooks do my all my talking for me when it comes to art, I’m going to concentrate on book projects. I'll continue to blog, but randomly. 

Information about my books can be found here.