Saturday, July 21, 2018

Monsoonal Annotations

Because at one time in my life I collected movie soundtrack albums, I thoroughly enjoyed recently reading Gary Marmostein’s book, Hollywood Rhapsody: Movie Music and its Makers, 1900-1975, and getting some backstory about them and other aspects of music used in Hollywood. In the section about jazz and the movies he cites a book, West Coast Jazz: Modern Jazz in California 1945-1960 by Ted Gioia. So I jumped on it. I have an ok collection of LA jazz from that period, so I enjoyed learning more about what I have and what I’ve been missing. There’s a nice chapter about The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach. Another about Art Pepper. And there’s plenty of new to me biographical information about artists like Hampton Hawes, Harold Land, Ornette Coleman, et. al.

The reason for the Sandy Dennis photo is when I was a sensitive, romantic, artistic teenager I had a huge crush on her, especially due to Up the Down Staircase. I owned the original soundtrack album, music by Fred Karlin, one of the movie music makers. And she was living with Gerry Mulligan, who earlier in his career was part of the LA jazz scene. 

And still speaking of movies, I've got a part in a film that starts shooting next week. I've got to get my hair cut a la 1962 Idaho.