Saturday, September 7, 2019

Another Saturday Evening Post

I had to finish Splay Anthem before I could gain closure on the Immersion: literature, music, visuals, high consciousness. Immersion? Drenched. Including but not limited to the reviews of books: Los Angeles, New York, London, not to mention the Sunday Riverside Press-Enterprise.


Visual: Duras, Eisenberg, Ensor, Evergood, Frankenthaler (hers at the top).

Music: Lois Vierk, Don Cherry (Brown Rice), Count Basie, Fela Kuti, Tony Williams, Tan Dun

Lit: Tom Stoppard, Olson-Duncan, Barbara Guest, Harryette Mullen, Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Alexander, Nathanial Mackey (Splay Anthem), Fred Moten, Kwame Dawes interviewed in Rattle #65, and some poets he published from Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia

Film: Charlie Chaplin (a scream!); Sheeler-Strand Manhatta.

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