Saturday, December 14, 2019

Saturday the 14th

Here’s an astute opening by David Rieff, writing from Buenos Aires in the NYRB: “There is an old Argentine wisecrack that says: a person who leaves Argentina for six months, and then returns, finds the country completely transformed, but someone who returns after an absence of ten years finds that things are more or less as he or she left them.”

Pliny the Elder:"Fortune favors the bold."

Babette Babich:“And when it comes to the profession, simple non-mention, utter exclusion turns out to be far more efficient than refutation.”

Homi K. Bahba:"...the American border as cultural signifier of a pioneering, male 'American' spirit always under threat from races and cultures beyond the border...”

Lisa Roberston: “…Gardens leave so little evidence…In what season, through what representation or renovation, from what point in its development, with what persistently spreading perennial, may we retrospectively construct an image of what a garden was? And in its reimagining of nature, history and heritage, the garden itself is a constructed dream.”

Regions I’ve called home:
The Midwest.
The Southwest.
The Land of Enchantment.
The South Bay.
The Pacific Northwest.
The Central Coast.
The Inland Empire.

LaToya Ruby Frazier

Michael Jang

Silvina Ocampo

A Kit

The Practice of Everyday Life, by Michel de Certeau
The Poetics of Space, by Gaston Bachelard
A Handmade Museum, by Brenda Coultas

More poets read and enjoyed:
Sam Hamill
David Baker
Kimiko Hahn

And I fortuitously and serendipitiously was guided to Natalie Diaz, Mickalene Thomas, Chantal Akerman and Laura Nyro. I reviewed Kayla Rodney’s book Swimming Home on Amazon,

The brothers Karamozov are twenty somethings, as are many of their friends and lovers
A young crowd, boorish, thuggish, or else saints.

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