Wednesday, May 6, 2020

At Towne Pointe

I’m afraid of your eyes, they’re so bold,
Searching me through, reading my thoughts, shining like gold.
---Claude McKay

Ptolemeo and Utami
Clambered onto stools

In a world not hostile to queer and indigenous people.
Snow in higher elevations.

He’s an overstated minimalist.
She’s an understated modernist.

Never dreamed.
Always dreamed.

If you’re not going to look what’s the point of seeing?
If you’re not going to listen what’s the point of hearing?

He’s super nice.
Head of customer cash back.

She’s a surgical nurse at the university hospital.
Runs marathons.

My fiancée is still close with a guy she hooked up with in college.
Yeah, my husband.

I don’t know how to answer those kinds of questions.
No no, you’re totally good.

We begin to rassle
I was on the top
---Sly & the Family Stone

© 2020 Randy Stark

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