Saturday, May 9, 2020

Find a Line and Wait In It

I'm not buying the bright side because come next catastrophe they'll be back, the mewlers and pukers, stuffing their Tuff Sheds with toilet paper.

Ain't nothing going to change. People who don’t deserve to will still come out smelling like roses, and you still won't be able to touch. 

We’ve gone from “We’ll get through this” to “We’ll see what happens” to “When’s my check arriving?” From sheltering in place to second and third responders sweeping up the dead.

Besides, as Hilarious Clinton nearly said: “What the hell difference does it make now? I ain’t got no toilet paper anyhow.”

No more the exception that proves the rule; now, the exception is the rule.

So, wear your mask, keep your distance, find a line and wait in it.

© 2020 Randy Stark

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  1. The title is the call of civilized societies. The photo belongs in the time capsule shot into space. And the sentiment speaks to the inner voice of all us.