Tuesday, May 5, 2020

"Properties of Scale and Reflectivity"

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles; Frank Gehry, architect

Signs, omens, auguries, portents: my mask broke; the ripple effect spiraling out of control; it’s a felony to yell “Virus” on a crowded beach; the great toilet paper riots of 2020; Thursday used to be the new Friday, but now it’s in the middle of the week. The new workweek begins Wednesday. It goes Wednesday, Sunday, Thursday, Monday, and Saturday, with Tuesday and Friday being the weekend. Thursday is the new Hump Day. This refinement is not limited to days of the week. The light we know as five o’clock will now be six. Months are in the crosshairs as well. There’s this month and next month, but after that?

The Pope is no help. He blames us for wrecking God’s creation, and this is what we deserve. “You’ve had it coming” he tells us. Somebody needs to in-box the Pope, shoot him a text, tell him to stay in his own lane.

I recently read Paradise Lost, so I’m an authority.

And in the regular mail today arrives an envelope, prepared in London, for me, from the London Review of Books. LRB. They’re counting on life returning to normal, pre-virus, BCV (as Terri Jenkins-Brady pointed out).

My Head Light blog post titled "Properties of Scale and Reflectivity" contains excerpts from the internet concerning residual effects of the lockdown on the "classical" art world.

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