Saturday, May 23, 2020

Somewhere Over the Radar

Third parties be my tribe.
A PBR blue-ribbon commission
Meeting in freshly smoked courthouses
Cuz guilty feet have got no rhythm.

The fiber optics of peace and freedom reveals
Open seating on the planning committee
In the Department of Behavioral Hell
And trappers after apps and games,

A crusade, a parade,
An esplanade of
Laureates and angels,
Organic and fair trade

At a classic seaside arcade,
Sycophants and enablers,
Great bright whales,
Sweep hands on demand,

Cutting figure eights and
Intertwinkled gift cards,
Or side bars we once told ourselves,
All eyes decimalphobic translucidities

Alighting on fall’s most fabulous looks.
The biggest names on proactive duty,
A promenade of boots and blockchains,
The freshest skew.

True, mixture problems are tabu.
But I can tell you the number of followers
And likes of every lemon lemur
In the selfie line that lumbers across

El Puente de los Esposos y Sanchos,
Every blood orange butterfly,
Every air borne pathogen
Seated around any given redwood table.

Come on generation next available
Experience the fun,
Put your hands together,
Discover a new world of flavor.

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© 2020 Randy Stark

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1 comment:

  1. Beauty of a photo. Those houses look familiar so I know where that is. A special pot of gold is waiting. Excellent poem. Enjoyed it!