Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Avenue of Kisses

I have a route in mind but no destination. Upper division action. Harrowing, startling adventure. Highly experimental. Deeply haunted. Arguably soaring. Gripping and passionate. Tenderly sensual.

So what are you waiting for? Agree and join. Everything’s wiped down. and nobody gets coronavirus on their pee pee. It’s only been me here, who knows where I’ve been?

ISS sightings and reading and listening to music and writing and surfing the web—in these uncertain times that’s mostly what I do. Al-Jazeera (too many popups) and NASA are my go-to sites. I’m also redeveloping age-idled talents such as drunk calling, drunk emailing and drunk texting.

Not sure what the drinking does, but the other stuff gets me thinking.

And it’s more than not being able to do things you used to do (good handshakes, male and female, I miss those terribly), it is having to do things you never did before, things that as long as human beings have walked this earth en masse they haven’t ever had to do en masse.

When I started writing into tuna salad as a sandwich, I couldn’t sleep, knowing I had to post on both blogs. And when finished reading I thought to make tuna pasta salad would be fine.

I read today that superheroes have no problem with otherness.

And I read some poems by Mina Loy and Andre Breton!!! (The title of this post is from The Magnetic Fields by Andre Breton and Philippe Soupault, a surrealist text published in 1920.) And I looked at some super amazing artwork by Chitra Ganesh.

OK OK It was a long drive but it wasn’t like oh my god I’m going to die, right?

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  1. Melancholy and then...Chitra Ganesh work are startling. Thanks for posting.