Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tryna Focus

It’s only now just beginning to dawn on me, the significance of the last week or so. Around the house there has been discussion, amplification, books out, art viewed, music listened to, memes shared.

Music: Edna Tatum’s Gospel Classics, Duke Jordan Jazz Lab, Fats Navarro Memorial, Elmo Hope, a set of music videos by Vince Staples, George Frideric Handel’s 1710 oratorio Apollo e Dafne, Gary Eister, and a ton of birdsong.

Names and other subjects that came up in conversation, came to light in contemplation, came to hand to be read; : George Floyd, the George Floyd mural (by Cadex Herrera, Greta McClain, and Xena Goldman), James Baldwin, Claudia Rankine, the Harlem Renaissance, more art by Ebony G. Patterson, MB Tolson, Robert Creeley, Audre Lord, Jenny Zhang; a Kindle that right now would open to poems by William Wordsworth (about which more later) a tablet used for LARB, NYRB, NASA, Bomb, Unlikely Stories, Jerome Rothenberg, Bernstein, there’s a Magritte monograph, there were discussions of a collage art project George Floyd-inspired, and Ani DiFranco’s autobio; Rattle magazine, the adult and kids versions (a couple of good, creative pieces in each) and a world atlas.




The Christo half of the Christo/Jeanne-Claude art duo, passed away. Jeanne-Claude predeceased him.  I’ve read they were “firmly independent, eschewing a reliance on the art world to financially support their work. They funded it themselves, often selling preparatory drawings to do.”

"We pay with our money! No grants, no money from the industry," he said at the opening of "The London Mastaba" in 2018. "All these projects get initiated by us. Nobody asked us to do it. Nobody asked us to wrap the Reichstag. Nobody asked us to install floating piers. We decided that we do exactly what we like to do."

And the meme: 


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  1. Discovery. People. Christo: " exactly what we like to do". Good collage posting.