Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Two poems: Yeah That's Me Too; Royal Fork

Now at orbital sunset
After six decades of wokeness
I never outgrew anything but my Superman costume
And what I learned in school
I want to lay my burdens down
For too long I’ve been the driver.
Once or twice something fell into my lap
Otherwise I’ve always been hustling.
I need to be the passenger more often.
Like a Croatian registered cruise ship quarantined
In a bottle off the coast.
Captain conducting a go/no-go poll
Whether to wash up on shore.

We ate them like the Donner party.
All the little princess and princes,
The Williams and Harrys,
The Kates and the Margarets,
Queens, Kings, Earls, et al.

Then we take and sell their jewelry at swap meets.
Most of it is made in China.
The same 100 factories that are involved
In the production of raw materials needed to produce fentanyl.
And we wonder how the virus got here?

© 2020 Randy Stark
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  1. "Yeah..." Wistful. Royal Buffet...bitter That photo not from the artist in the desert display.