Saturday, June 27, 2020

Vertigo in a Cactus Garden

The one and only Al Banberg’s operetta Little Lulu
Livestreamed from the Center for Rare Combinations
In Alpha Centuri West.
It’s like vertigo in a cactus garden
Is the best way I can describe it.

Stone cholos turned nouveau riche
Against a backdrop of insurgents surging like false positives
Licensed in all fifty states
Of insanity, when state of the art
Becomes art of the state.

Against a backdrop of flight control teams
And their counterparts in counterintelligence
Tracking rocket grade ice cream trucks
In confirmed free drift
Through the identical twin sister cities.

Against a backdrop of artisanal data mining
And weewee pad manufacturing,
Think tanks and citadels,
Supernumeraries telling plenipotentiaries
Personal stories about giving back.

Against a backdrop of spikeball and berthing ports,
Bulky item pickups, burning fiery furnaces,
Short lists and free 30-day trials,
Peanut Farms and marathons
Global pawn shops and digital trading posts.

Against a backdrop of cabanas and verandahs
A pensive forest, cumbrous copse or stand,
Birds gathering in the gathering trees
Like gatherings in the lobbies and concourses
The nooks and alcoves of the convention hall.

Against a backdrop of theory freaks and black brant geese,
Funny boat racing on the Venice canals
Or that Grand Canyon train tour
Or a cabin by the lake
Or the starter wickiup near an evaporating wadi.

People meet at pickleball,
Fall in love,
Partner for eternity.
It has a very happy ending.
Aw baby don’t cry.

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  1. I know that cactus gardening. The more I read it, the more connected. There's a beat to it. "state of the art is art of the state". It's concentration to read aloud.

    1. It takes concentration to read aloud. See what I mean.

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