Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Half of India

You’re talking to a girl who
Just discovered her husband is afraid of heights,
Truth is windborne, buggy,
And oligarchs are sabotaging the country.

She just discovered microwave radiation
Can cause you to sprout antlers.
She just discovered squirrels chirp.

She just discovered the hopelessness of legacy media
And that social media is worse,
But nobody’s whiter than mainstream media.

She just discovered the setting sun
Through the leafy trees
Casting a golden cross of Jesus onto the slider blinds,
That you can be everything less than perfect and still have a good time,
But then after sweetness and nuance comes
Memory care.

She just discovered
The tower crane operator is biology,
The climb to the cab is the biological record,
Strength in numbers often ends up one at a time,
Quail are unusually handsome though often overdressed,
And your legacy is an entire ecosystem.

One of her boss’s boss’s bosses is my brother’s friend.
And she just discovered free day was yesterday,
Blind people are downhill skiing,
People with lower limb prosthesis are running marathons.

She just discovered half of India is under twenty-five.
The other half is Indonesia.
And Italy IS a boot.

She just discovered cheddar cheese with Hatch chiles.
Vodka and cran.

She just discovered
The list of things that can never happen?
That list keeps getting shorter and shorter.

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  1. Touching. Good. I didn't get the graph that started "She just discovered" I could see illustrations with this.