Wednesday, July 15, 2020

It's We Went Up There, Me and the Boys and Uncle Augie Week

It’s the Fiesta of Transcultural Syncretics.
It’s Breaking Silent Witness Palooza.
You guys switch off Kindles? I think that’s cute.
Welcome to the Kindle Switch Off Show.
People being field dressed can be seen at the annual
Smoking Guts on the Green Festival.
Just after the Zinc Awareness Expo.

Cast Iron Skillet Day is the first Monday of every other month.
Organizational Dementia Meet and Greet is Tuesday.
It’s a Tribute to Sovereigns, Sinners, and Saving Graces on Wednesday.
Nonspecific Sadness of Special Collections is every third Thursday.
The Courtship of Beeves is celebrated every fourth Friday.
Then it’s Wood Helicopter Appreciation Saturday.
And the George Washington’s Teeth Jamboree starts Sunday.

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  1. I'm marking my calendar for these events. I'll bring my own bobo and papers. Shit.