Wednesday, August 26, 2020

I Do Voices

Soothsayers and gainsayers
Yeasayers and naysayers
Nirvana attainers
Crane operators
Oh say can you see sayers
Live streamers
Deep divers
Convention buckers
Boundary blurrers
Bounty hunters
Plotters and potters
Pilot car drivers
Friends of the court
Friends of the library
Oyster pirates
Gong Show winners
Real hittas, sultans of swat
Sugar daddies in kilts fishing for sturgeon
Baby mamas giving those bagpipes a hand rubbed wax finish.
Eschatologists on a praise break
People in the other person’s shoes.
And the entire sales team at the #1 volume dealership in North America.

The dear
The darling
The demonic, the philharmonic
The differently abled
The sketchy, the sharp
The sloppy, the choppy
The cutters and pasters
The heavily sedated
The tenured, the at will
The time servers
The good behavers
The due respecters
The teahouse texters
The brainstorm chasers
The stupid haters
The pussy whipped
The tweet-summoned
The polarized
The plagiarized
The plangent
The tangential
The flummoxed
The hollered at
The wrecked, the reckless
My uncle Mal in tech support.

© 2020 Randy Stark
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  1. I could read this over and over again. Maybe sent this to Bob Dylan, or singer of your choice.

    I mention Dylan because it reminded of "Subterranean Blues" as done at the opening of the film, "Don't Look Back". Where Dylan held large poster size white cards with the lyrics to the song on them.

    It was early sixties and it was a hip movie. And yet, the movie was produced as promotion for Dylan's concerts in the United Kingdom. What was considered poignant cinema verite film making was a promo.

    Anyway...this is good. Needs to be sung. Maybe I need to make a video. Maybe, Maybe I should, Maybe, Maybe I need to ...Maybe ...Maybe but...

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