Wednesday, August 12, 2020

It's Coming Fire

Wooow time is fly by.
My bff is move to Liverpool.
I go there for a month.
Anyway after the visit , Thanks;(!!!!
BTW I’m excited with it!
I borrow the jacket from my bff.  
My love roommate.
N so 4th.
And I do love her looking actually!
(My ideal girl AF!!)
But also as a person ! ; )!
However … There was no my size of it …
So I gave up to button up .lol
And some people kinda got surprised.
I always love to not let people expect how I am.
Sooner or later people will notice ; ) !
People talked to ME something good . Appreciate ; )

I like this bar’s tender … cute!
I’m NOT lie omg.
I forgot to take a picture of him tho.
Time flied. 
HE do not ceases to mesmerize me.
He exactly make my day special …. !!!!!!!!!
He shared my post, and tagged my FB fan page …. 
This is so tender and sweet . it got me culm down.
I totally forgot about it; ( !!!!!!!   
My heart so happy
That was when I learned one of the most important rules 
I won’t ever forget til this day.
Always! bring your gear.
What’s in my bag??? ,lol
Too many interesting things are gonna be happened !!!
It’s coming fire … ;;
That's wussup!!!!!!!!!! 

© 2020 Randy Stark
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  1. Your tables is ready in the dining car, LOL. Me text happy. Got fun from it.