Saturday, August 1, 2020

Teevee Nooz

Teevee nooz beatna pony dead.

Delivered a video to the head.

The treehouse is out of order.

The senate stands aghast.

The penguin took a knee.

The president is an ass.

I swallowed the story hook

Line and fast breeder reactor.

From pillow to blogpost,

A ghost aghast,

From chill pill to kill pill;

People of the old bullion unmasked.

All the news that travels fast

On T-shirts, Twitter, Instagram

Tasked with upskilled Q&A:

What I mean by dis is: Wassa dat?

A lapless low cut pattern interrupt?

A laugh track for the Stanley Cup?

My scene and modes of mattering

And this mandate ugly inside turned out

Draw decidedly back to amoeba existence.

Now my good credit don’t mean shit.

I’m not comfortable using my left foot for shoves.

Now who the fuck is this?

Weatherman calling for crinkle cut fries,

Crape myrtle trees, platform shoes.

There you have it. but not your size.

Mazy plot, frame out of true,

Whole black beans, green chiles diced,

I am that I am, now back to you.

© 2020 Randy Stark

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1 comment:

  1. It's got a beat, a rhythmic nonsense for a nonsense medium. "Penguins took a knee", and "laugh track at the Stanley Cup"