Saturday, August 8, 2020

What the Burner Phone Says to Me

To where a towhee
Trapped in the toolshed
Tossing tercets

Reading riot: the act.
100 anarchists seated virus style
Golf balls in a vacant lot.

Super thoughts of the envious west,
In some art brut way,
You are the best.

The cradle finna
Down come baby
There is no winner.

Ardent eyes in
Free play frenzy
You have to rock to hypothesize.

A side of Jeffrey seldom seen,
Then another lover
In this electronic age,

One who finds paradise barely tolerable
Whole cultures going through the motions
To where he's gotten motion sickness.

Their primary residence
A binary residence,
Their go no go.

They believe in gasoline.
Acolytes first, then the religion,
Then the gasoline.

That’s what the burner phone says to me.
Hi you guys. Thanks you guys.
Sorry killed buzz surprise.

© 2020 Randy Stark

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  1. Not sure I follow but the three line structure makes for some good images.