Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Sketch: As Luck Would Have It

An Aztec joint called El Sol Mexicano or something like that.

She came darting around the corner like a hummingbird.

Suspended in iridescence she scanned the patio

“Cedar of Lebanon burned with sage in an abalone shell”

“A tune in Jeruvian mode” on the sound system.

I wasn’t who she was looking for,

And I was the only one there

So she shot back the same way she came.


Well what’s funny is

The hummingbird returns,

Same dart around the corner,

It’s still just me.

Are you?/Yes./Absolutely.

There’s this like

Potentially sort of

Half baked, pseudo profundo


World shifting---

Before we started kissing

We discussed diatomaceous earth mining in California.

The World Archaeological Congress in Vermillion, South Dakota.

Chinese Mexican nachos.

There is a science to all of it.

And an immoderate amount of diving and drilling.

The resultant action is what gets dreamy.

© 2020 Randy Stark

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  1. Hallucinogenic. I wish I knew more about diatomaceous earth mining though.