Saturday, September 12, 2020

As Tensions Simmer

You still with that outfit in Spain?
And how are we identifying today?
Do you have your mask?
Can I get a witness up in here?
You need a tissue?
Are you having a moment?
Is she grabbing your guyses drinks?
How do you like your eggs?
Isn’t there a Nigerian banker who needs my account number?
Are we actually a nebula?
Who knew coins had a gender?
Parliament said what?
I know, right?
Sound like something you might like?

See the problem is is
The atom splits the difference
Between objects of production and modes of desire,
Parts and service,
Half waffle, whole waffle,
It happens more often than you think,
Net, clock, and pace,
From skill saw to standup bass,
From prayer to payroll,
You needa manage it all from one place.
Play it cool.
Its going to swing back the other way.
But it ain’t going to happen for you if you try too hard.
I don’t know how many times I’ve told you that.

© 2020 Randy Stark

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