Saturday, December 26, 2020

Look at it This Way

My mind is a mountain bike
On a super narrow bridge
Above an ultra deep ravine.

My head is in a snow globe,
My ass is in a sling,
My plan is about to renew.

It’s a closed system.
Perfectly balanced.
And all the longitudinal data I deserve.

Time is locally sourced.
Everything is beautiful (in its own special way).
There is no “A” in remote.

Look at it this way.
I tell myself.
Get prepared, worry less.

Hit play.
See why.


© 2020 Randy Stark
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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Tripping Hazard


Look into the camera lens
And say Hi Guys!
And say Thanks for Watching!


Post-pandemic sex.


No fixed route or timetable.


My condolences bundled with your condolences
Baked into my Facebook and your Instagram
Kicks it old-school mourning- and bereavement wise.


We’ve all nearly broke our necks
But since Gramma made it
We have to leave it there.
I’m so sorry, baby. You OK?


A new twist on the classic
Deadly power struggle.


Enablers with daddy issues.


The more that gets done the more
The unlikelihood of completion increases.


Jesus is our fence.


It tears at my heart.


Made it. 😊


Limited time offer.


Beginning our approach.

© 2020 Randy Stark
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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Song Before Sunrise

I used to be quite certain about everything.
Bumping Euclid on heavy rotation.
I was self-styled and self-appointed.
Squeezed dark matter so hard light came out
With infinite velocity and total hypotenuse.
A bridge builder, a chairperson, a blue-ribbon commissioner.
Special this, unified that,
Driven by a deep commitment,
Quantum dance hall, quantum dodge ball,
Bipartisan, multicultural, and holy.
People everywhere saying
Let us, my friend, not lack your company.

But when that good early morning loving goes bad
You don’t stand a chance
I remind myself every morning,
The disappointment of having
Lived through the night,
The chronic pain hope is endowed with.
As I rise from the bed
In the dim and utter light
The dog is still sleeping on a pallet of blankets.
Coffee maker cackling to a conclusion.
Crickets who worked graveyard clocking out.
Throwin' down hard right out the gate.


Saturday, December 5, 2020

No Mames Guey

I’m having tea, blowing my nose,
Watching older Primus, newer Puscifer.
The government is shutting down reveals,
He says coming out of the bathroom

To the accompaniment of a carousel organ
As the toilet bowl refills.
Holla at me when you want
To start the conversation.

Opens the fridge with the pizzazz of a magician
Well save my session!
He’s holding something I can’t quite tell.
Frozen pizza is fiber, right?

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