Saturday, March 20, 2021

Palabras Clave

Heavy lifting.
Party rentals.
Party rolls.
Land starved.
Striking points.
Perfect attendance.
Inmate copy.
New strain.
Annabel Lee.
Wryly winsome.
Enemy compound.
Poor Clare.
Spooky smart.
Game bundle.
Status quo.
Onion rings.
Saturn’s rings.
Getting comped.
Flaming yon.
Eeencohn tacks.
Personal pizza.
Personal hell.
Climbing structure.
Mad rush.
Silk pajamas.
Vivian don’t.
Shooting texts.
Social warriors.
Guest bloggers.
Who doesn’t?
Who can’t?
No rehearsal.
Coyote flats.
Meal plan.
Good fortune.
Partner offers.
Structural damage.
West Virginia.
Leftist movements.
Pet carriers.
Manufacturing engineer.
Mechanical engineer.
Blackmarket cannabutter.
Magnetic forces.
Gagging noises.
Unlimited access.
Survivors benefits.
Hot sauce.

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  1. I've enjoyed similar formatted postings. Although, I had to lookup the title in a Spanish dictionary, now I get it, I think. You mentioned being monolingual in This and That. I guess I am too.

  2. And some of these kids today, speaking three, four, five languages plus ASL and they're only in preschool.