Saturday, April 24, 2021

Dr. Dre Ed-ucation

 Warning: this is nasty and mean-spirited. It is also funny and a work of art.

Dr. Dre - Ed-ucation (Lyrics on screen) - YouTube

 They say, uh, a black man is a pimp. Well let me tell you the biggest pimp on planet mother fuckin’ earth… is her momma. It’s her momma that told her, “Get a man that got a good job, girl. Make sure he got a good car, girl. Make sure he can take you out and buy you something girl.”

Whatever happened to just fallin’ in love with a nigga with a bus pass? Just cuz ya loved the nigga. But I’m the pimp motha fucka. I gotta be the playa.

The biggest hoes on planet earth… are walking through the mother fuckin’ neighborhood… you knew when you got with the nigga he already had a woman. You knew he already had a family. But you fucked him anyway. And then you thought you gonna lose the nigga, you went and got pregnant… didn’t ya bitch? Didn’t ya? The old keep-a-nigga baby. And then when the nigga ain’t around… what do ya tell the child? “Oh, that nigga ain’t shit. That’s why yo daddy ain’t here. Cuz that nigga ain’t shit.” How bout being a woman and telling the kid the truth… that yo momma… you was a hoe. Tell the kid, “momma was a hoe, I was weekend pussy, I had you to keep the nigga, it didn’t work out… that’s why he ain’t here.” But he a good nigga… cuz he take care of his real family. I was just a dumb bitch.

–Dr. Dre (Ed-Ucation- 2001)


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  1. That line about the bus pass gets me every time.

  2. White master of ceremonies for black talent. This blogger has put together so many posts when comes to the range of black talent, musicians, poets, and novelists including gangsta writers. Bring the reader the depth of language's humanity.

    I know very little about Dr. Dre. His brother was shot to death. He cared and supported his mother. He was willing to leave a dangerous record producer and leave behind his work and start over.

    He makes a point and I guess in 2001 it's still happening. Black mothers young and old got enough to deal with.

    Bus pass doesn't have the same cache it once did.

  3. Please forgive me. I was wrong to start the sentence with white. It's bothered me since writing it. The blogger's posting featuring the host of talent in the world is wonderful.