Sunday, April 25, 2021

It's Coming Fire

I have a new book out. More about it at this link: 

It's Coming Fire - Kindle edition by Stark, Randy. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @


  1. Before a comment about the latest book, I have been remiss I hadn't mentioned the re-imaged "Simpatico Patio". There's no excuse for saying I was involved with other things so I won't use that excuse.

    My idea was to read Simpatico Patio original before diving into the new edition. So far in my reading, the original poems were cut literally in half and those halves and other various halves went to other poems to make a new, less involved less detail. That's all I have...

    As for "It's Coming Fire", the volume has many pieces I've read on the blog. Re-reading many of the poems is enjoyable, such as poems on Page: 6, 7 9, 10, 11. And the others I still don't get, Page: 8,12.

    The line from Page 65 "Like Ezra Pound at the Wild Goose". There's a lot to unpack. Page 62: the short hand communicating which you make an art form.

    Page 63, 64 and 59 I enjoy the imagery and word play.

    I'm impressed with the amount of work you have published. The styles, subjects and presentation have evolved over the years going back to the Seattle days as well as your plays.

    Your observant ear when it comes to what and how people talk, how society uses language, as well as the literary references has the readers' head spinning. I'm never sure what some of the material is about as a whole, but it's parts are good.

    From this less read, reader, I see your works as original with a energy, verve, biting humor and word imagery.

    There's an aspect to the material written in such a way that seems so impersonal. How much is based on situations that are close to you...I'm not sure. And maybe that's not important.

    The poems and poets highlighted in the blog write about situations and people they know. And the comments are based on experiences of others and themselves. Making a statement...telling how it is...

    My other point to the readings is that it's repetitive. Although, a few recent works had some commentary to the poems referring to Up the Road, Poetry Month.

    Thank you your work and postings.

  2. Thanks for your considerable comments. You're right on about the evolution of Simpatico Patio. The original needed some repair work done, after being out there for all those years, and because my style of writing had changed, the changes you noted were the result. I understand how you discern impersonality; I think of it more as being a participant observer (to use an old anthropological trope)and recording what I sense as accurately as possible. As far as what I recommend in the blog, you are correct in your assessment of that work, and I recommend those particular items as my way of sharing something great, and something that has given me inspiration to persevere in my own style. That being said, I will do a post with links about writers whose work looks more like mine, and they were already way ahead of me years ago.