Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sarah Vaughan

 There are singers, there are song stylists, but Sarah Vaughan is in another category. 

Online you’ll find Sarah Vaughan kicking it with Hef on Playboy’s Penthouse, or Sarah killing it with Count Basie in a concert at Carnegie Hall. 

I’ve listed a few random links below. But there are a ton more, to performances and studio sessions, from early in her career in the golden age of jazz, 1945-1965, and into the late 1980’s. One in particular, After Hours, I’ve praised in this space before. The last link is to a documentary film about her, a rough copy, but you will get additional information about her and her place in the history of jazz and American song. 

The best has already been written about Sarah Vaughan. Take time to read the insightful comments at some of the links. I’ll just add that she sings like an avant-garde artist, like something new in the world of music and lyric is suddenly being revealed, a new ism, a post neo something that just lights you up. 

Sarah Vaughan - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - YouTube 

Sarah Vaughan - live Sweden '58, Holland '58, & Sweden '64 (Jazz Icons DVD) - YouTube 

Sarah Vaughan "The Divine One" - YouTube



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  1. Thanks for posting the Sarah Vaughan videos. I was not as familiar with her and appreciate her sweet vocals with this post.

  2. Good deal. You're welcome. I remember seeing her on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and he welcomed her with the nickname "Sassy" which I've read was the name her friends called her, because of her colorful offstage vocabulary. Can't find the clip online as of yet.