Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Oh, What a Time!

A little while ago I thought it was Friday night.

Just now I thought it was Sunday night.

It’s actually Tuesday night.


Here’s today’s post from WUTR:

Two poems with longish titles — Write Up The Road Media

Here’s a photo by Allen J. Schaben

from a Los Angeles Times article about cruising in the San Fernando Valley.

Get the photo and zoom in. It's great. Such life! I emailed him a kudo. 

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  1. Like today I thought was Friday, but it's Thursday EDT, but wish there's wasn't so many days in the first place. Less days less to remember.

    The two poems on WTR are good. The first one has some punchy wit to it. The other one has commercial feel to it, like ad copy...which maybe the point with those pesky algorithms.

    I like the photo of cruising, eye catching blue. Reminded me, of a 60's Chevy commercial where the couple flies into the car seats while car is going down the road.

    Photo maybe taken by a drone.

  2. Thank you for the comment re WUTR. I also thought the photo might have been taken from a drone. Next gen photography? Have a drone do all the leg work, the photographer stays at home and edits.