Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Adventure is Unstoppable

Yeah it’s crazy what’s going on out there:
Man gets 212 years
For driving off wharf,
Killing 2 autistic sons.
Shapeshifters seize pet adoption service.
NASA sends food truck to Mars.
And the next thing you know it’s
Roadmaps and blueprints,
Living trusts and limited offers,
Super modified NFTs,
Four minutes closer to eternity,
No time to lose,
The body and blood of Christ in bulk,
But its hard to find shoes. 

Whatever the bishop says I’ll roll with it.
The resistance has never been more than
A charm of goldfinch using burner accounts,
A circus subsidized by the rich and privileged,
Humans ridden bareback,
Humans dancing,
Humans dressed like chimpanzees.
The adventure is unstoppable:
Surprise parties on yachts,
Walking on red carpets,
Our team, your success.
Everybody keeps telling me
You know who has a lot of size eleven shoes?
And they bring the showroom to you!

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  1. That's my kind of adventure. Better than Adventureland at Disneyland although there's surreal kinda Fantasia quality about it.