Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Influencer

Utami Hayashishita, photo by Dynamite Kansai

Drinking a smoothie, reading her device.
Stabs the straw right into her forehead.
Grimaces like a large metal wash basin.
It’s funny because like
Her livestream is so perfect.
I touched her, she felt like a screen.

Though I never forewarn a screen
That I’m going to touch it.
You can’t be too careful or correct.
Mere affection is so suspect these days.
“I’ll wrestle with you in strength of love.”
Made her laugh and bounce on the seat.

She’s thicc, but it’s all cloud storage.
Super self-aware, super cute and extra,
Smart, strong and bold.
Her legs a visionary pairing.
Her body a recharging station.
She influences me to hit Enter.

Wedge pillows and pillow rolls.
Dakimakura and bolsters.
The bed is a map of the Tokyo subway system.
We've got all-line passes.
Willing to shed tears on a first date.
Super huge fans of relentless.


(Quote from Antony and Cleopatra, by William Shakespeare)

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  1. I assume The Influencer is for real. This is a nice piece - good imagery, and witty. This a choice bit of observation I could see more of regarding other real persons or real things.

  2. Thank you. I guess Influencer is a job title these days. Or a career path. Legit. For real.