Saturday, June 26, 2021

Bored With the Shtick

Behind the original Ozzie’s,
Sadly now shuttered,
Slices of remastered history
Attract an outsized share of
Hack culture bottom feeders.

At center ice the painted dogs face off
In technically a friendly,
But that blood sure looks real.
A Roomba roams an abandoned nuclear power plant,
Like a helium balloon with chronic lower back pain.

You can’t touch anything for less than a
Time bomb ticking like horny opossums.
And other co-morbidities.
It was tough for me and Darlene
To do what we do, bell to bell. 

We are non-neurotypical,
Typically under-diagnosed.
We don’t believe in Instagram.
Or revolutionary toothbrushes.
And mute at times can be too loud.

But what’s worse is
Even though it’s not worse,
It is worse
Because it could be worse. It could
Make 34 percent seem like a majority.



© 2021 Randy Stark

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  1. Not sure I follow what's happening here. Although the Roomba line I can picture. Not familiar with Ozzie's. I like the rhythm.

  2. Thanks for picking up on and commenting on the rhythm. I worked on that. Ozzie's is made up.