Friday, July 30, 2021

Celestial Balls of Fire

 Ornette Coleman Quintet Live October 1958 at the Hillcrest Club, Los Angeles California - YouTube

George Reginald Margetson

Let Poesy from sleep awake,
     And touch her strings and rouse her lyre,
     And roll celestial balls of fire,
Till all shall act for Duty's sake.


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  1. Thanks for posting. I have bookmarked both the Coleman and Fernandez.
    Enjoyed the raw simplicity of David Buuck writing.

    I took look at Christina Fernandez's work. She and I have certain visions in common. Manuels Stitched (the storefronts for fashions) , Lavandenia (Laundry Mat) and Space Available and Sereno TVs 2006.. and Assorted Projects.

    Good finds.

  2. Raw simplicity. It amazes me. I agree that you and Ms. Fernandez are drawn to certain similar streets.