Friday, July 2, 2021

First Friday Special Edition Shop Talk: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Who knocks? Oh yes, Dear old July… always impetuous
The door is open, but take your time – I’m bronzed;
At leisure enjoying the last gold of mangoes and sun. 

Santa Barbara Library


Public library in Albuquerque.
Public library in Torrance.
School library at Torrance High School.
Public library in Redondo Beach.
School libraries at the University of Southern California.
Public library in San Clemente.
Public library in Seattle.
Public library in Santa Barbara.
School libraries at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Public library in Hemet.


Yesterday, I checked out books for the first time from the public library in the city I just moved to.  Three books of poetry, each a winner and finalist for prestigious awards in years gone by. 

The first one was boring because it was all about the poet (confessional they used to call it) and inasmuch as I wasn’t as in love with the poet as they obviously are with themselves, and every little detail of her frankly not that exciting of a life, I lost interest quickly. 

The second book was a pissed off poet, apparently the sort of person who waits grumpily hoping somebody will do something they find offensive so they can then go off in the most tendentious and sour fashion about how the culture is shit, and people are stupid, and everything sucks. Same culture that’s been paying their salary for years for sitting in endowed chairs at the universities, same culture that underwrites the publication of their books, same culture that they accept invitations from to be on its television shows and podcasts, etc. etc. Go fuck yourselves. 

The third book (Whereas, by Layli Long Soldier) was my favorite. While every bit as personal and passionate as the two books above, it also was, pardon the expression, a work of art, using vibrant language and page design in creative ways.


This special event has ended.


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  1. And Then: illustrates Randy rules on writing. Get ass!

    Library cards shows a man's appreciation and respect for life, people and art.

  2. And God bless librarians, who these multitask as social workers.