Friday, August 13, 2021

No, but OK


Priest serves Mass in full hazmat.
I think she thinks
Streaming will make you whole.
Own now.
Watch instantly.
Everybody’s like huh?
I’m all wow.

They need to like hire
Someone from outside,
A Mexican nai nai,
Projecting passion, strength and power,
Chonklas at every command post,
And geared towards consistently breaking barriers
When it comes to equality, social justice, and mental health.

I mean me personally
I’ve tasted heaven, $119.50 per dose.
I’ve been stuck at spicy level #3
For the past five and a half weeks.
Everything is yeah maybe,
But it’s possible it’s the opposite, too.
I mean what is today?

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  1. No, but OK. The opening line about the priest is amusing and visual. Although, I would check to see if that the alignment of the sentence should be just above the next sentence.

    Not sure I follow what's happening, but I like aspects of it. The third paragraph is ironic and amusing as with the first graph.

  2. I will look at the order of the opening stanza. Thanks.