Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Today's Head Light


  1. Fart Bomb, what the...! The package sits on concrete. Was it found on the street?

    Power to Victory: You are the "keeper" of the commercial slogans, Capitalism's vocabulary that makes a mockery of language and intellectual thought. Reduces life to such banality. But, there's beat to it. And has a sincerity to it. Like an Anthony Robbins empowerment talk. Good!

    Power to Victory is not the only poem that uses slogans...For that book at the end of the year, a chapter devoted to these poems, tentative titled, "If Capitalism Could Talk"...maybe to obvious..."Life's Basics...just a suggestion.

    It's my view it's that advertising slogans that turns thinking into real life justifications for our actions. That sentence needs some thought...its half baked.

  2. Thank you. It's the anthropologist in me. Thanks for the appreciation of what's happening. This goes right into the preproduction file. And yes the Fart Bomb package was found near the civic center early one morning.