Saturday, August 21, 2021

What We Gonna Do


We gonna dedicate this to
Brand ambassadors and gender reifiers,
Godheads and goatheads,
Pharmacists and field workers,
Expeditionary forces and support wings,
Guilds, clans, cohorts,
Territory managers and iconoclastic hackers,
Contractors and code switchers,
Disney princesses and trust fund seniors,
Eidolons and limnologists.

We gonna listen to multilateralizers like the
The Crypto Economy Undersecretary and
A trope teasing meme grabbing ASL interpreter and
A master chocolatier pierced by his own pièce de résistance,
The chief content officer
For things of a must-see nature,
Bagwell The Exceptionist
To discuss the mating habits of slugs.
And then we gonna do so much tax deductible good
People be calling us filthy stinking rich.

© 2021 Randy Stark
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  1. Listening to Charles Mingus/Eric Dolphy one your posting while reading What We Gonna Do: Where do you find all these people and professions.

    Enjoyable reading, bouncy, fun, yet I'm not always sure what else I should be deriving from it.

  2. Thanks. Again anthropology, trying to leave a record for future anthropologists, how one person called it like he saw it and heard it. For example, if you wanted to learn about American culture circa 1952, you couldn’t do better than “Kansas City Confidential.” As far as what else, I’d say anything from a laugh on up is all that I could hope for.

  3. Ahhh...yeah, OK. I only had one class in anthropology.